Want to Know How a Turbocharger is Made?

We all enjoy seeing a turbocharged car! If we own one, we usually brag about it and if we see someone that has it, we listen to him as he brags about it! One thing is for sure – TURBOCHARGERS ARE AWESOME! But, have you ever wondered how a turbocharger is made? Probably not, so listen carefully!

The production begins when an overhead sprayer blows sand into the cavities of a box you will see in the video! It activates a binder apply to the sand which causes a chemical reaction that solidifies the particles after which the worker extracts the solid sand shape – the core – out of the box! The core is used to mold the inside of the turbocharger.

The worker uses a putty-like material to fulfill any gaps the core has while another worker uses a different technique to produce a smaller core! He mixes the sand from the cavity with heat-sensitive chemicals so he could aim a flame into the opening of the box to warm it from the sides! After we have the cores, we simply pour aluminum into the cavities! We`re only few steps away from a complete product. See how a turbocharger is made in the video bellow!

Anyway, look what a turbocharger did to this BMW!