How It’s Made: Jeep Liberty & Jeep Wrangler Production Process!

Ever wanted to see a Jeep Wrangler production line in action?

Jeep Liberty Jeep Wrangler Production Process how its made 2

Well, wait no more and look no further, because here it is, with one small side note – it`s not actually a line. Instead, it`s just robots passing bits of metal to each other, shaping them and gluing stuff on them until a Jeep Wrangler appears out of the heap. This video is so awesome to watch because you can actually see the entire process of how simple sheets of metal become your Jeep.

That`s not an understatement – the finishing product of the video is a complete Jeep Wrangler, one you can just sit in, put your key in the ignition, turn it and drive off into the sunset, the dream of every would-be Jeep owner.

The process at this Jeep Wrangler production line doesn`t just involve robots – plenty of people give their own magic touch and put their own spirit in the creation of your Jeep Wrangler. For every mountain you`ve climbed with it, for every creek you`ve driven by and the Wrangler hasn`t failed you, you have these guys to thank.

It`s incredible how they get everything down to perfection, when you consider that there are actually thousands of parts that you need to get exactly right on placement, lubrication, look and function in order for everything to be perfect. It`s a pretty standard factory – everyone has a job that they do very professionally and through a process of magic and feats of engineering – Jeep Wranglers come out on the other side.

At last, watch how the smallest car in the World is made!

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Posted by ViralMega on Monday, July 31, 2017