Two Furious Jeep Owners Serve Instant Justice To A Double Parked Car! The Driver Went Ballistic!

Two angry jeep owners encountered a double parked car and immediately decided to punish the guy. The two Jeep drivers parked left and right of the double parked Mercedes as near as they can get. Fortunately, they were cautious enough not to inflict any damage to the irregularly parked Mercedes like in some other viral videos. Besides, it`s definitely not right to damage other`s property. When the Mercedes owner found his vehicle trapped between the two Jeep cars he got angry. At first, he started to kick the tires of both Jeeps that resulted in the camera guy laughing out loud and eventually blowing his cover.

Nevertheless, the owner of the double parked car came up with an idea that turned out to be efficient enough. He went through the trunk, even though he barely fit, he somehow managed to hop behind the wheel. Eventually he managed to get out of that problematic situation being trapped by the two Jeeps. However, seeing him previously kicking the tires of the two Jeeps made his angry feelings evident. Nevertheless, even though he managed to get out, he got served a very important lesson on how to park. There is a huge debate on Facebook about this video whether the Jeep owners went too far with this or not. What do you think? Finally, take a look at these 24 horrible parkers getting what they deserved!