This Jeep Wrangler Was Devoured Whole By A Huge Sinkhole in Youngstown!

It was probably a quiet morning in Youngstown before this event – namely, a huge sinkhole opened up in the middle of the city, between Midlothian boulevard and Newport Square. That would be a disaster in and of itself if it didn`t involve another aspect – the sinkhole swallowed a Jeep Wrangler that was passing by and trapped it! Apparently, when it`s really cold, the earth freezes in layers and sometimes that means that the water mains under the ground will freeze and sometimes even break. When that happens, a void is formed underground that is just waiting for any provocation to become a sinkhole!

This Jeep gave the void some needed provocation by driving over it when it was ready to pop, and pop it did. The Jeep fell right into the freshly created hole, which had by now driven up all the dirt and muck. The hole was under so much pressure that within seconds it had turned into a huge sinkhole, with a Jeep stuck in the middle of it! Apparently, these are the result of breaking water mains most of the time and they will happen as long as we have water mains. They`re terrifying and I hope we don`t see much of these cases again!

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