Jay Leno Shows Off His Twin Engine Mini Cooper! Do You Like It?

Jay Leno`s Garage is a show that demonstrates and reviews all kinds of interesting cars and motorcycles. Today, we`re looking at a 2002 Mini Cooper that has had another engine system integrated in it. The guy that owns it took another engine and put it in the trunk along with everything else and he made a twin engine Mini Cooper. The way he explains it, he basically took a whole engine system, flipped it around and slammed it in the trunk. Also, this car might be a bit heavy but it has a lot of power too – 250hp per engine means 500 horsepower for that tiny car!

He put in two engines, two carburetors, two of everything except the steering wheel and the gas tank. Of course, that means that this car spends gas at double the speed but if you ask this guy, it`s definitely worth it! Having a twin engine Mini Cooper in your garage can be handy in races too, because nobody knows that you have another engine stuck in the back, and this guy does that too. Check out this car and you`ll be amazed at how much detail has gone into creating it into this two-headed beast!

For more videos of Jay Leno’s garage, visit his official YT channel!