DOUBLE POWER! Hennessey Performance Will Build A 1500HP Dodge Challenger SRT DEMON!

Great news adrenaline addicts! The well-known American tuning house Hennessey Performance has just announced that it will build an even faster version of the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Wondering how fast? The answer is DOUBLE! The guys at Hennessey continue to respect and execute their motto “Making fast cars faster” -- and this time they decided to boost up the power of the Demon with a 1500HP version! For this, they will make several modifications to the engine internals that will have to handle the added boost from the supercharger. In this package, the 1500HP Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will also feature specially tuned headers and parachute kit which is actually quite necessary for this super fast monster.

It is quite interesting that the Hennessey Performance team does not quit on challenges like this one, because the just-revealed Demon is already fast enough for the drag race track. The potential buyers will have only one year time to buy the original model which has 840hp and only one seat, so forget about taking free rides! Talking about Hennessey, the creative team has just revealed their Exorcist Chevy Camaro which job will be to slay demons and hellcats. Another proof that these guys are awesome as they have an idea for each and every fast car out there.

For more info about Hennessey Performance’s work, visit their official website!