If you are one of those who are following the episodes of Jay Leno`s garage regularly, then you can probably remember on the Ring Brothers from earlier this year, when they`ve visited Jay Leon and presented their Chevy Chevelle Recoil. Now, they are back at the famous Garage, to show us their new jaw-dropping creation, one green 1965 Ford Mustang, with an intriguing nickname, FORD MUSTANG ESPIONAGE!

The big time Ford Mustang fans amongst you will surely recognize from the very first moment they see FORD MUSTANG ESPIONAGE, that this `Stang does not have an authentic body of a Mustang. The reason for that is because the Ring Brothers have built its body with carbon fiber replacements. Each and every body panel is practically made from a very tough but lightweight material, so it is needless to say that many of them are customized. There are numerous other differences, like the doors and the fenders, that are popping out about a couple of inches wider than in a regular Ford Mustang.

Under the hood, the Espionage is powered by a 416 cubic inch crate engine, which is supposed to be able to deliver about 950 HP! However, you better have a look at the video below, and listen how Espionage is roaring when Jay Leon takes it out for a ride! And if you want to find out something about the regular 1965 Ford Mustang, go to this link.