Of course that it is an open road, or the tarmac track, when we actually feel the real power and the speed of the car, whether it is some fine example of the domestic Detroit muscles that we love so much and make us proud, or some great and fast as hell import. It is the moment when you step on the gas pedal, start feeling that downforce, and you become aware about the Chevy Camaro sound and the speed your car possesses!

However, the eye and the feeling we get can be deceiving, we can get carried away in the heat of the moment a little bit too much, so to put it another way, all of that is an approximate estimation. That is why for exact and right to the point info, we have the dynamometer. And that is why all of us who have a decently powerful car, should take it to the garage (at least once) and put it on the dyno, and find out the exact numbers of the horse and torque power.

Plus, it is always a fun doing it, and I guess that I do not even have to mention the adrenaline rush we get from the entire process listening to that powerful sound. The following video is a pretty good proof of that.

Here we have a guy who decided to take his great Chevy Camaro, that has only a few mods made on it, like the long tube headers 1-3/4″, the NPP exhaust system, and the polluter Cam, on a dyno test. Other things on the car are 100% stock! But the Chevy Camaro sound is not considered to be one of the best American muscle sounds for nothing. It turned out that this guy`s Chevy Camaro generates 470 HP and 430 pound feet of torque! More than enough if you ask me…

So, if you are intrigued to listen to that awesome V8 sound, roaring like mad on the dyno, check out the video, pump up the volume, and enjoy it! And for those of you who want to find out and learn more about the 2015 Camaro, click here.