New ISCAR Cham IQ Drill Cartridge Tool! Top Prize Winner For Large Diameter Drilling!

ISCAR is the biggest of the fifteen companies comprising the International Metalworking Companies (IMC). Together, they produce a dynamic line of excellent metalworking tools. All of these companies are known for producing a wide variety of carbide endmills, carbide inserts and cutting tools that cover almost every metal cutting applications. However, in this one, we are going to put our focus on ISCAR. This company has been producing a plethora of new products which aims for the three P`s: higher Profitability, Productivity and Performance. One such product by ISCAR can be found in the video below and it`s the awesome Cham IQ Drill Cartridge tool.

The revolutionary Cham IQ Drill cartridge tool features ISCAR`s phenomenal “quick change” system. The extremely precise drill heads that are made out of carbide can be changed with a simple twist and using a unique key. This can be done while the body of the drill remains fasten in the machine. There is a simple connection that combines the flexible steel body with the firm carbide working end. The manufacturer has also eliminated the setup time needed for indexing to allow more holes to be cut in a short amount of time. Watch the video and check out the wonderful driller`s efficiency.

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