Meet The FLOW DRILL! It Melts The Holes In Metals & The Results Are Astonishing!

Today, we are sharing a video about a very intriguing way of drilling. This technique utilizes a flow drill to cut holes in metals and it is known as flow drilling or friction drilling. Instead of mechanical cutting, the flow drill cuts through metal using friction and pressure! As any blacksmith would tell you, the more a metal heats up, the more it becomes like clay! Tungsten carbide is the material used to make the flow drill, and this chemical compound is 2 times stiffer and 2 times denser than steel! Although it seems a bit inefficient, friction drilling works like a charm!

As you will see in the video, using a flow drill to cut a hole in a steel pipe is like using a hot knife to cut through butter! As it turns out, the main advantage tungsten carbide has is its inability to go soft no matter how heated up it is! Because of this, it can just melt away any material with ease! Anyway, if you are into welding or forging, this video will undoubtedly interest you! Watch the magic of the flow drill below and see how easy it cuts holes into pretty much anything! Enjoy the show!

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