Is This For Real?! This Guy Opened A PADLOCK By Hitting It With A Brass Hammer! Don’t Misuse This Trick!

There`s an old proverb: “A chain is as strong as its weakest link”. It can be interpreted in many different situations. However, according to what we saw in this video, there might be a new version of this proverb. Something like “a property is no longer safe if you lock it with a padlock”! We should remind you that we do not intend to insult or offend anybody with the following video clip, we are just sharing the experience of other people. On the other hand, we do enjoy videos where something gets hammered, even if it`s with a little brass hammer.

Namely, the guy in the footage below has a padlock produced by Master Lock. Apparently, according to what we saw, he probably has something against this famous padlock manufacturer and he tried to prove that. First, he described the type of the padlock, alongside with the key and then he started explaining how you can actually open the padlock without using the key itself! He applied pressure to the lock and then he started hitting the lock with a brass hammer until it opened! It just took him several seconds! Many Internet users tried that with their locks and this “trick” worked for some of them, but it didn`t work for others. What`s your view on this? Nonetheless, we are not about to encourage the usage of this brass hammer padlock opening trick. We are here only to share this interesting video with you guys so you can enjoy it. Make sure you don`t miss it! It might just come in handy if you ever lose the keys to a padlock you have used!

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