How To DRIFT ON DIRT?! Check Out This MythBusters’ Video!

I firmly believe that when it comes to the Discovery channel`s show “MythBuster”, there is no need for any special introduction. Thus, regarding to it, I`ll begin this article by telling you that just as most of the things that we had seen on this popular show, the following clip, dedicated to the art of drift-driving, will give you an interesting and exciting four minutes of fun and pleasure… Adam and Jamie will learn how to drift on dirt!

The main point of this adventure of Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman was to learn first hand, as much as possible about drifting, and put certain assumptions that people are usually making about it to a test. And in order to do it the right way, they`ve got the help from Conrad Grunewald, the Formula Drift veteran, and his awesome Chevrolet Camaro!

So after taking turns learning the art of drift-driving by a professional drifter, guys got into a `91 Honda Prelude and set it loose, trying to get an answer to the question (or the `myth`) whether it really is a true that taking a corner drifting is quicker than not drifting.

Of course, I won`t be a spoiler and tell you how it went, but will just add that fun didn`t end up there, because the MythBusters had another test, setting up a shorter track, and first drove the car on it in a classic racing style and afterwards, tried to beat the time doing the same thing, only in drifting style! You think it’s easy to drift on dirt?

Sounds interesting? You bet it is! So without further adieu, check out the video below and see the whole show! And if you are interested in watching more intriguing and exciting videos of the MythBusters show, go to this link.