Installing CHAINS On Massive Tires!

In the construction industry, construction vehicles use extremely expensive tires. Some of them reach a price of up to 60,000 dollars. This tires in the video cost about 18,000 dollars. When dumping so much cash into a tire like this, you need to make sure that tire is protected by any means necessary, like installing chains.

Installing Chains Heavy Equippment 7

This is when tire chains for construction vehicles come into place. In this one, you can watch the entire process behind installing chains for massive tires. This is a very good solution and also very necessary when you take into consideration that it`s way cheaper to just replace the chains instead of the tires.

These tires may be one of the most durable type of tires in the world. However, every construction sites can inflict serious stress on any tire which can result in a puncture. For example, these construction vehicles are known to drive on intense heat. In fact, that`s one of the reasons these chains are applied. To counter fire! Different reason than what we are installing chains for. Snow and ice for these mega machines is a joke. This video is filmed in China and the construction workers show us step by step how delicately this tire chain is being applied.

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