India’s First Lady Mechanic Should Be Everyone’s INSPIRATION!

This lady mechanic is specialized for trucks. What a wonderful story!

India First Lady Mechanic Truck 1

Usually, as the stereotype says, when it comes to cars and speed, men are always there. Women have been always pushed aside because it was though that they are not capable of achieving the same as men do. But stereotypes are made to be broken and in the following video this lady mechanic will give you a proof why.

She should also serve as a role model and be inspiration to all women in the world as to nothing can stop them in fulfilling their dreams. They can achieve the same as men and they can work the same work as men do.

We take a look at this inspirational story about a woman in India and her name is Shanti Devi, the 55 years old, and also the first, lady mechanic there.

Her life has come a long way from when she was young. She started working at a teashop on the outskirts of Delhi. It was difficult for her and her family at the time so she had to learn mechanical skills form her husband in order to help and support her family.

It took some time and everybody questioned her skills. She kept proving everyone wrong with every satisfied customer.

Devi is capable of fixing up to 10 or 15 punctured per day and can easily lift and move a 50 kg truck tire. She has been working as a lady mechanic for over 20 years. Moreover she gives motivational speeches in schools and colleges. What an inspirational story this is!?

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