Flock of High Performance Cars Racing on The Open Highway!

How else would you describe four high performance cars like these Ferrari 458 Italia, Nissan GTR, Audi R8 and Porsche 911 Turbo passing you by with 200 mph, while you are driving your car on an open highway, where nothing out of the ordinary is happening?! It would be like Unknown Flying Object just passed and you are wondering what the hell just happened here!

I do not know who is the author of this video, but I`m having a wild guess that the guy is German, taking to an account the scale and proportion of the forces on the ground. But any way, it is only too bad that the entire video has been shot only from one perspective – inside the car of the Audi R8. It would have been much better if the camera was outside, in a fifth car, so that we could see the whole thing from neutral perspective.

However, I suggest that you do not take a negative attitude (for any reason), after all, it is only one of those moments when we have good fun with our cars, mixed up with the other `mortals` on an open highway.

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