GTR VS Turbo Porsche 911 vs GTR Nissan Skyline R34!

Check this drag race between Porsche 911 vs GTR Nissan Skyline R34!

This is something what we like to call “THE BATTLE OF THE TWINS”! Not only because BOTH cars have TURBOs, but because they are both 911 PORSCHEs!!! However, there is a slight difference! On one hand, we have the BLACK 911 Porsche Turbo PP-Performance with an engine that produces 580 horsepower! On the other hand, “wearing” a WHITE kit we have the other 911 Porsche Turbo S Mk.2 with a great motor producing 530 Horsepower! This battle really attracted a lot of viewers, like us actually! Check out this race, the results might surprise you! Go 911 Porsches!!!

Finally, check out these Heavy Cars!

Enjoy the video below!

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