Hyundai joined the London Hydrogen Partnership for Cleaner Future!

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Hyundai Signed Agreement with The Deputy Mayor of London!

Hyundai Motor Company strengthened its commitment to a low-carbon and cleaner future, by joining the London Hydrogen Partnership. The Deputy Mayor of London, Kit Malthouse, and Hyundai representatives signed the agreement with Deputy London Mayor at Greater London Authority on April 18.

Hyundai will use this opportunity to use the ix35 Fuel Cell to demonstrate real world benefits of eco-friendly fuel cell technology.

Until now London Hydrogen Partnership has initiated more than £50 million worth of eco friendly hydrogen projects, with rolling out new taxis, hydrogen buses, refueling stations, scooters, materials handling vehicles and fuel cell combined heat and power units to the city of London.  Hyundai will provide its expertise in ix35 fuel cell electric vehicle to London Hydrogen Partnership (LHP), in order to realize a hydrogen economy.

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Special Plan for Fuel Cell Vehicles!

Kit Malthouse, Chair of the London Hydrogen Partnership and Deputy Mayor said that Hyundai together with the representatives of the LHP will develop a special plan for fuel cell vehicles, and will plan an infrastructure for the hydrogen refueling station across London.

According to him Hyundai will provide original invaluable insights and will bring global experience to the London Mayor`s innovative “smart” low-emission and low-carbon, transport activities.  This partnership will help to place the economy of London at the forefront of innovation and science.

The Future for the More Sustainable and Cleaner Capital!

The President & CEO of Hyundai Motor UK, Tony Whitehorn, said that Hyundai is very proud to collaborate with the London Hydrogen Partnership in order to create a future for the more sustainable and cleaner capital.

The hydrogen technology delivers considerable environmental benefits and Hyundai is looking forward to working with the other partners of the LHP.

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Hyundai -- The First Fuel Cell Vehicle Manufacturer in the world!

The First and Only Manufacturer in the world to officially produce a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Hyundai is the first and only.  Ix35 Fuel Cell will play an important role in demonstrating of the benefits of this technology.

Hydrogen is a very practical source of sustainable and clean energy.  This pioneer vehicle will help the LHP to create employment and investment opportunities when the hydrogen infrastructure will be developed.

Hyundai ix35 was used by the European Commission representatives and Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking to demonstrate the benefits of fuel cell technology to the members of the European Commission and European Parliament officials and other EU institutions` policymakers.

Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell specifications!

Length 4410mm
Width 1820mm
Height 1655mm
Driving range on one fill-up 594km / 369 miles
Vehicle efficiency 0.95 kg H/ 100km
27.8km/l NEDC or 17.3 miles/l
Top speed 100mph
Acceleration, 0 to 62mph 12.5 seconds
Fuel cell output power 100kW (136ps)
Energy storage system 24kW lithium-ion polymer battery
Fuel Hydrogen (700 bar, 5.6kg)
Exhaust gas Water vapour

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