Hyundai Designer Unveiled the Unique “My Baby” Project!

To be any kind of Hyundai Designer means to create things that you love and things that going to be unique. That is also true for car designers, too. Car designers have a lot s of ideas about how a perfect car would look like, but that idea may not be possible to come true due to laws of physics that usually are hindrance for certain designs or due to technology the design asks for and which does not exist. However, Hyundai is constantly looking for innovative ideas and therefore the head of the design Executive Vice President of Hyundai Motor, Mr. Suk Geun Oh, sends the designers all over the world so that they can get inspiration from different countries, cultures, flora and fauna etc.

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2010 Hyundai Sonata for example looks like a smoothly carved rock that has been cuddled by river waves for centuries. That`s where the Fluidic Sculpture design comes from. But the fluidic Hyundai Designer within “My Baby” project has gone to the extreme. Designers have been told to make their own design without minding any mechanical or production boundaries.

So Hyundai has opened a competition for its designers to make a vehicle that will include the fluidic design, but that will also be dedicated to and inspired from future generations that are to drive these vehicles.  About two dozen vehicles have been made by Hyundai`s designers from U.S., Japan, China, India and Korea who took part in this competition. These models are part of a lot of car shows taking place all over the world. All these vehicles gained a place where they can be seen, that is the space called “Discovery 2050” tools that are part of Hyundai`s “My Baby” project. The vehicles were given their official residence at the Seoul Motor Show. The project is full of new ideas and innovative concepts. The most important thing is that Hyundai supports its Hyundai Designer to try to make their designs come true, no matter how unrealistic this may seem.

New Thinking. New Possibilities” is Hyundai`s motto that keeps designers and new sci-fi models going. That is a new journey Hyundai`s designers embark on and create a completely new auto world. Pictures of the models made within the My Baby project may be found on internet.

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