Over 700 Classic Cars (250 Studebakers, DeLoreans, Muscle Cars…) Will Be Auctioned in Ohio In July 2017!

Ron Hackenberger ran a trucking company in the past, and when he was driving around the United States, he was always on the lookout for interesting cars. His original dream was to restore many cars and start his own car museum, but that goal proved too hard.

Huge Car Auction Ohio 4

Now, he decided to have a huge car auction where he will sell these cars to other people who can take better care for them.

Huge Car Auction Ohio 3

There will be quite a lot of cars, from microcars such as a BMW Isetta, to a DeLorean, to muscle cars. This auction will take place on July 15th, so if you wanted a classic car, be ready!

Huge Car Auction Ohio 2

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