Ernie Dwarf Is Scaling CLASSIC CARS Down To A SMALLER SIZE! That Guy’s a LEGEND!

The United States are huge and there is a lot to see. Many places have interesting stories to tell, and we have found one of the most amazing stories ever! This is the story of Ernie Adams, who has opened up a small car museum for his cars. What makes this museum special is the fact that all of his dwarf cars are built by Ernie himself and they are all drivers! He grew up in Harvard, Nebraska and lived close to the city dump. He got a lot of things from there, from furniture to electric motors. Out of all the scrap metal he saved up, he started to make small cars.

As Ernie puts it, he basically learned his trade from that dump. By salvaging everything that was worth money, he managed to build his collection of small cars. He also taught his son in the same trade. In the video he proudly drives his dwarf 1950 Mercury. Anyways, his small car museum is located in Maricopa, AZ and if you are ever in that area, we highly recommend you visit this surreal place! You can get yourself a gift from the gift shop in this amazing museum, ranging from post cards to DVD`s. Watch the video below to catch a glimpse of this magnificent place!

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