Over 700 Classic Cars (250 Studebakers, DeLoreans, Muscle Cars…) Will Be Auctioned in Ohio In July 2017!

Most of us would be happy to get several vehicles throughout our lives. Be it cars, trucks, or motorcycles, having something to drive around is more than enough to make most of us happy.

Huge Car Auction Ohio 1

Nevertheless, some people aim for a bit higher number of owned vehicles, numbering in the dozens. This particular guy however, took it to a whole other level, buying over 700 vehicles in his lifetime!

Huge Car Auction Ohio 6

We are talking about Ron Hackenberger, who is now having huge car auction to sell his impressive collection. His collection includes over 250 Studebakers, which was the very first car Ron bought way back in 1948.

Huge Car Auction Ohio 5

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