How to prevent a car breakdown

Breakdowns usually happen at the most inconvenient of times and can also be really costly when you least expect it. You could be stuck at the side of the road with no clue as to what has gone wrong with your car and it can be a scary situation. Sometimes breakdowns can`t be avoided but Refused Car Finance are here to explain the ways in which you can prevent a car breakdown.

How to prevent a car breakdown 1

Drive properly

It can be really easy to get into bad driving habits but the way you drive your car really does affect its condition and lifespan. Driving smoother can reduce wear and tear on your main components such as steering wheel, gearbox and pedals.

For example, you should try to avoid harsh starting and breaking as this can wear down your brake pads and rotors. Instead, try applying the brakes more gently and anticipating what`s ahead.

Ditch the weight

When your car is weighed down, it has to work harder and uses more fuel. You could be putting unnecessary strain on your car if it`s cluttered with stuff you don`t even need. Your suspension and brakes are under more pressure each time you stop, turn a corner or accelerate and over time this can seriously wear your car parts down. Remove any unnecessary weight but keep the important safety equipment that you need for if you do breakdown.

Trust your intuition

You drive the same car day in day out so you`re probably very familiar with it. If you notice something strange in the way it`s driving or notice a strange smell, don`t ignore it. Your car is made up of some major components and some tiny ones that all work together to make sure it`s running properly, so sometimes a small problem can very quickly turn into a bigger one. If you suspect your car isn`t working to its usual standard, get it checked out.

Plenty of fluids

By this we mean your car and yourself! You should keep a couple of bottles of water in your car as part of your emergency roadside kit in case you breakdown. You should also check the fluid levels in your car, as some of the fluids can reduce quite quickly. You can check your engine oil, coolant and battery fluid yourself from home.  As your car gets older, it`s likely to consumer fluid at a faster rate, so it`s good to get into the habit of checking your fluids each month.

Never miss a service or MOT

Not taking care of your car can be really dangerous. Regular MOT`s and services are recommended to make sure your car is working properly. If your car has a faulty part that could have been identified during a MOT, you can be putting yourself, your car and other drivers at risk if you have an accident. All vehicles in the UK which are 3 years old or more are required to have a valid MOT certificate which is renewed annually and a serviced should be carried out every year or every 12,000 miles.

Don`t ignore warning lights

Your warning lights are there for a reason and shouldn`t be over looked and they can seriously reduce the risk of breakdown.

Having a warning light alert appear on your dashboard early on can save you time and money in the long run, you may have to pay for repairs, but you`ll definitely spend more money if you were to breakdown unexpectedly.

Make sure you have breakdown cover

While it can`t prevent a breakdown, having breakdown cover can seriously help you out. Breakdown doesn`t have to cost a lot, depending on the level of cover you want. Obviously the more you pay, the more cover you have. Whilst breakdown cover isn`t a legal requirement, it is designed to keep you safe and reduce your costs if you were to need breakdown recovery or roadside assistance.