How To Paint Your Tire Letters & Numbers for a Totally New Look!

There are countless things you can to your car to make it look even better than it currently is. But people have lately come up with even better ways, unlike the usual ones. Having done any of those awesome modifications to your car at the shop can cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Hereby, in this video we check out an awesome tutorial on how to paint your tire letters at your garage. It is very simple and you are going to need just one simple thing, a pen. The guy in the video description leaves a link from where you can purchase the pen.

How To Paint Your Tire Letters Numbers for a Totally New Look 2

The guy had those same tires for over four years, but nonetheless, the letters were visible and so the tire lettering paint could be applied. First of all you need to take off the wheel off your car. Afterwards, make sure that you clean it thoroughly; hence you do not want any residue to be left there. You can use a small brush and a little bit of soapy water to make the job much easier.

Next, dry the spot out and take one of your markers. To this process extremely carefully and slowly, hence you do not want to make any mistakes. Take your time and go through all of the letters that you want to cover with the tire lettering paint. Your tire letters will be ready as soon as the paint dries out.

In just matter of minutes you are going to be done and you tires are going to look absolutely amazing!