Forklift Tires Repairing Process!

There are countless things that you can still learn about vehicles and the way they function and manufacture parts. Hereby, if you have ever wondered what to people make with those old forklift tires and whether they just throw them away, we got the answer for you. Instead of throwing them away, these forklift tires get resurrected in the most satisfying way you could possibly think off. Once the tires have been used up all the way and the indents are no longer visible, they are off to this guy to get repaired.

Forklift Tires Repairing Process 11

He uses a small power tool that does the entire job. Hence the forklift tires are made with thick and dense rubber; there is enough room to work with them. The worker uses the tool, which works on the principle of a heated knife, and cuts the brand new dents. It is so satisfying to watch the man does the entire job using no rulers or lines to mark them out before.

He begins the process by carving out long indents starting from one end of the tire to the other end. Once that is done it is time to carve in some more in between. The man`s hand is so calm and steady and he makes no mistakes during the repair. Moreover, the space between each groove is identical, which is something he can be proud off.

If you were looking for the answer, here is how forklift tires are repaired!