How Much Horsepower? This Guy Says The STREET OUTLAWS Ain’t Got Nothing On Him!

How Much Horsepower? This guy says the STREET OUTLAWS ain’t got nothing on him! As we all know Street Outlaws’ name means a lot when it comes to street racing, but this guy really thinks he has the best car and he could take down anyone in the business.

This redneck even recorder a video in order to tell everyone about his crazy intentions. Believe it or not his video has 1.7 Million views on Facebook, including 8,ooo likes, 1,8 shares and more than 5,000 comments.

As you will see in the video below he owns nothing but a Pontiac and he really thinks he can smoke every single car that competes on this famous TV show. Who knows maybe he thinks he can even race with the ProMods or maybe he thinks he can make it to NHRA!

According to his video he is not scared from any fast car featured on the famous TV show, The Street Outlaws. Do you agree with us? Actually what do you think about this guy? Does he reminds you on someone you know? How Much Horsepower? 🙂

Anyway, you can check out this crazy angry red Pontiac street machine and please tell us what you think of how he will handle the best rides in the business.

However, this is going to be an epic rivalry for sure and I hope someone will accept the challenge and will race this guy very soon.

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