Hello my dear fellow big truck fans and enthusiasts. All of you who are following the musclecarszone.com on a regular basis, know quite well that our predominant field of interest is the American muscle cars. But you also know well that we have an entire section dedicated to trucks, because it goes without saying that these two are in a perfect conjunction, when it comes to the American auto industry, and the interest of every American auto- moto aficionado. But let`s get to the point! Today we have prepared something very special, the ride that blew away all of us who had the pleasure of visiting the 2015 SEMA show. I`m talking about one extremely high lifted Hummer H2 that leaves an impression like it can take a joyride to the very pits of hell, just for the experience of it!

I`m sure I do not have to stress the fact that this is a customized specimen, with numerous original components, starting from that ultra-powerful suspension, huge tires and finishing with that awesome paint job, and everything in between.

We did not get the info how much did it cost to create this monster-truck the way it is, but taking into an account that it is a product of the Hima company, it is clear that money is no object.

But you better check out the video below and have a look at this jaw-dropping lifted Hummer H2 yourself, and afterwards, tell us what you think about it! And if you want to see more awesome trucks, presented at the 2015 SEMA, go to this link.