Nissan VQ35 Twin Turbo V6 With 6.32 Seconds @ 228 MPH!

Every now and then, surfing the internet for cool and crazy videos, we are coming across a specimen that performs on the strip with an incredible speed and that resembles a lot more on a sky-rocket than on a normal drag racing car. The video that we have prepared for you in today`s article will show you an exact such specimen that is so incredibly fast and furious, that looks like it is just about to take off and melt the entire strip behind it. It is a highly modified model of SPR Nissan VQ35 Twin Turbo V6 powered by Infiniti Pro FX, a project by Scott Porter Racing, that achieves unbelievable results on the drag strip, one after another.

Even from a first and a short glimpse at the Nissan VQ35, you are becoming aware that this is not just an everyday drag car, but especially designed drag monster that achieves results below 7 seconds on regular bases. Its best time is 6.32 seconds at 228 mph, even though you will see it in a couple of more races when the result says 6.73 seconds at 177 mph, and 6.46 seconds at 229 mph.

So if you are a type of Gearhead who loves watching unbelievable drag races, then this one will be a bulls-eye for you. And for more info about this incredible machine, its motor and many more races like this one, check out this link.