Car VS Bike Drift Starring HONDA CBR and BMW! Anyone?

I believe that many of you will agree with me that when we have such a couple in the main role, as the following huge and powerful Honda CBR 600, and the well proven BMW, we are always up for a good action! Whether it is drag racing, or pulling some crazy stunts, or doing burnouts and drifting spectacles, like in this case, one thing is for sure! The temperature is about to skyrocket and we will all feel the adrenaline rush! The following car vs bike drift video clip that we have prepared in today`s article is actually a Honda Stunt Bike drifting performance, which ends up with a spectacular double donuts and burnouts with the BMW, that is joining in later on.

Between the two of them, there is over 1 000 HP, which results with huge clouds of smoke! As you will see it for yourself in just a few moments, that big Honda CBR 600 is really impressive, and it pairs up with the Beemer quite good!

But you better watch the car vs bike drift video yourself, and take a look all that drifting action and burnouts and enjoy in the loud exhaust sounds! And if you want to see more bike action with different motorcycles, go to this link.