Hidden Camera JOKE! These Guys LEFT Their LEXUS OPEN and…

Candid camera shows have always put a smile on our faces. Throughout the years and with the rapid technology advancements these shows have significantly evolved. In fact, many ordinary individuals with good sense of humor record such jokes and pave their way to the famous world of YouTube! However, there are many situations when the hidden camera joke has gone (terribly) wrong and thus causing fights etc. On the other hand, people use this hidden camera concept for conducting social experiments. Because people are always natural when they are not aware that are being recorded.

One such situation is presented in the video below in which two guys leaving their car open. One of them wanders away, and the other stays in the trunk in order to react if something goes out of hand. It is unbelievable how many people tried to steel stuff from the car, and the car itself. What worries us is that among those people, there are teenagers as well. Anyway, the pranksters have prepared several traps for the potential thieves, but that didn`t change their mind a lot. As a matter of fact, one of the thieves managed to start the car and to drive away! But the guy in the trunk reacted on time and a bigger damage was avoided.

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