Hey Everybody! Look at Me in my Big Truck! 1992 GMC Topkick Monster Pickup!

Despite the fact that the guy could have been just a little bit more creative whilst making this video (looking at it from a few different perspectives, like giving its potential viewers at least some king of a data about it), we will still say that it is one hell of a good Big Truck. A real old school GMC pick up truck the kind of many of us would like to have it. This is why we decided to give you a treat with a video of this excellent 1992 GMC monster pickup truck roaming in the countryside!

Even though when we are talking about its size, we have to take into a consideration the visual effect that this small and tiny road has, which makes it look a bit bigger than it would look on a bigger and wider road track. But anyway, it still is one hell of a good GMC, with probably 300+ HP engine under the hood, that is capable of doing a lot of `damage`.

It would be interesting to see it in some kind of another situation of power or speed demonstration, but until its owner decides to make another video of his Big Truck, we will consider this as a nice preview. Take a look. If you ask us, we think this red dually GMC monster pickup truck is a stunner! Driving around in this beauty will definitely gather attention wherever you may go! The Chevrolet 1500 bed the truck has just adds to its uniqueness. Like we previously said, it would have been even better to see how fast it can go, or just see people`s reaction to it! However, you can`t always get what you want! With that being said, we leave it to you to watch the video and see the 1992 GMC topkick monster pickup yourself! Enjoy.

Finally, take a moment and check out Jeremy Clarkson as he drives a GMC Syclone in an old Top Gear video!

Enjoy the video below!

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