Here’s Why The Honda Civic Type R Doesn’t Have A Torque Steer!

There are many innovations when it comes to the car manufacturing industry. Car companies are determined to offer the best product they could to their customers in order to keep in touch with their rivals. Now, many of us were surprised when we heard that brand new Honda Civic Type R is not going to have a torque steer. For those of you who do not know what torque steer means, it is basically the torque created from your engine influencing the steering of your car. Moreover, the torque steer is generally associated with high powered front wheel drive cars, though it can also be found in other all wheel drive cars.

Heres Why The Honda Civic Type R Doesnt Have A Torque Steer 2

This is often due to the lack equal torque distribution to the wheels, as well as from the road condition and tire wear. To make things easier for you to understand, there is a nice animation which is used to explain every detail about it. Hereby, in this video we also take a look at how to eliminate torque steer.

The solution is to align the tire center-line and the steering axis into one straight line in the middle of the tire. When it comes to the Honda Civic Type R, the man puts it to the test and sees how it handles at a very high torque shifting the gears from first to second and so on.

The distribution of torque to the tires is simply flawless. What do you think about it?