HELLEANOR MUSTANG TT – 2000HP Chevy Powered Pony!

Here we have something that is made for a pure pleasure, mean and powerful like never before, 1967 Mustang Fastback drags beast with a 388 cubic inch Chevrolet engine and 82 mm twin turbochargers under the hood, that is able to generate an astonishing 2 000 HP! With an appropriate and a very much suggestible name, Helleanor Mustang, this one of a kind `Stang fastback is most definitely one of the most stylish, ominous looking drag monsters that we have seen lately.

The first thing that you can notice on its exterior is its hood shark fin-like vertical aerodynamic stabilizer, and on the rear, there is a flourishing sweptback wing, which are making it look like a perfect combination of a space ship and true American muscle from the era of the 60s. There is also the quiet graphite paint job which also adds a lot to the overall impressive appearance.

And of course, the most important thing about it, the firing performance on the drag strip that you will see in the following video. Helleanor Mustang is giving one hell of a spectacle on the 1/8 mile, achieving a result of 4.8 seconds at 150 mph. Just watch the video and get enamored in this sharpest drag monster.