Have You SEEN 10.000ci Engine? Check This Enterprise DSG-36 Diesel ROLLING COAL After 3 Decades!

Don`t you think that the name Enterprise DSG-36 engine sounds like a name of a space ship from Star Trek series? I think that most of you will feel the same way about it as I do, but the `truth` is that it is not some old intergalactic vehicle, but very much earthbound creation. This Enterprise Engine has its origins way back in the 19th century, when Foundry started to build motors for marine and stationary purposes, somewhere in the second decade of the previous century.

They were located close to San Francisco bay area, and quickly became recognizable by their four-stroke cycle diesel engines and were operating with medium speeds, mostly on the lower end of the scale. This Enterprise DSG-36 engine that you are about to see in the following video is actually 6 cylinder 4 cycle diesel, that has a 15 inch stroke and a 12 inch bore. It is rated at 600+ HP, but along with a turbocharger, it can generate 900 HP.

These engines were highly demanded during the WW II by the army, and some of them can still be found in marine service. But this particular example is not one of those, as it is more than obvious that it has not seen water for a long time. From the way it looks, it seems that it has been used as a generator. But its reputation as a heavy duty construction is well earn and justified. Just watch the video and see how it runs after 30 years of gathering rust.