1969 Mustang Harbinger X2 by Agent 47 – Test Lap @ Laguna Seca!

The Fabulous Fords Forever show that took place last April in Southern California was amazing. We get the chance to give you a sneak peak of the Agent 47`s 1969 Mustang Harbinger X2. Even though it was not finished, it lacked a hood and front fenders, we still got the show you the Ford Racing Boss 302 engine and the front suspension. Today, we have the pleasure to show you video and photos of this astonishing machine.

Agent 47 put this vehicle on truck on the SAAC 38 event at which Shelby and Trans-Am also took part. However, the Mustang was previously tested at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca show.

Anyway, are you looking forward to the Mustang National Day?