Truly Unique Mustang Boss 1969 with Mario Andretti Race Motor!

Bodie Stroud, the custom car guru has created one very unique Mustang Boss 1969. He used an original 777 horse power, 494 c.i. all aluminum  Mario Andretti race engine. Bodie set out to create truly one of a kind and the sickest Mustangs of all time.

You could never find another custom Mustang Boss 302 like Bodie Stroud has created. It was unveiled at 2010 SEMA, this unique Boss has 1 of only 10 engines built for 1969 Can-Am race car of Mario Andretti’s. The 494 cubic/inch, 8.0-liter V8 monster makes exhaust note from polished exhaust pipes that any other muscle car should make.

The all-aluminum engine is only 475 lbs and the vehicle sits on a custom ladder chassis. The interior was modified with interior styling cues and gauges directly from the 2011 Mustang GT.
The signature on the engine block by Mario Andretti at SEMA is the cherry on top, when this car took very important place in American muscle car history.

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1969 Boss Mustang with Mario Andretti motor