Here Is How Hands Free Welding Is Done?

Ever needed to weld something but you didn`t have the equipment or the know-how? Well, with this hands free welding technique, you don`t have to worry about all that anymore because you can practically weld anything and as a bonus, you can even sit back and watch the thing weld itself!

Hands Free Welding 2

Like the video depicts, let`s say you want to weld two iron bars together. First, you should clamp them from both sides so they are nice and firm – there can`t be any movement whatsoever in there. After that, take a battery and hook it up to an electrode that corresponds with the power of the battery, since if you use a bigger battery you can use a bigger electrode and be more effective altogether.

Your hands free welding technique will be complete in a few more steps – take your electrode and battery and place it on the spot you want to weld together, while keeping your battery hooked onto an end of it. Place a small piece of wood over the electrode for safety and to make sure it all goes well, and clamp it down hard once again. After this, to get the power circuit closed, hook up the other battery cable to the opposite end of the metal rods. Now, all you need is one little spark and you can do that by using a rubber-insulated pair of pliers and touching the electrode – once it lights up, it will start welding and going under the piece of wood, and you`ll be left with a decent, functional weld.

Finally, welding has never been easier if you follow this guy!