12V Boostpack – This Gearhead Replaced His Car Battery With Capacitors! You’ll Be Amazed Of The Outcome!

This video is every electrician`s paradise. Now, we are far from electrical experts, but it really seems that this guy is onto something pretty important here. The video is made by YouTuber lasersaber which has a huge following on YouTube. He has all kinds of DIY projects in the field of electronics, so you if you are into that you can check out his other videos as well. For the time being, we will focus on one video which will undoubtedly make you think. What he actually does is replacing his old car battery with a six pack of capacitors. In other words, a 12V BoostPack! Judging from this video alone, it really seems like this solution eliminates many problems.

Car batteries are heavy and huge. This would be alright if only they were a bit more reliable. Their bulkiness certainly doesn`t help. So, this video raises one very significant question. Could installing capacitors to a less powerful battery deliver more reliable starts? This guy could have a big breakthrough in the car battery industry. Six of these capacitators doesn`t weigh more than a pound and their size is no bigger than D-Cell batteries. However, some people in the comments are not really convinced and says that this is just a hoax. What do you think? Is it too good to be true? Check out the 12V Boostpack video below!

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