Great Street Ford GT Race Battle Between: 4.0 Whipple Ford GT vs Built Evo With Slick Tires!

What would be your prognoses when you have such a different type of vehicles in this Ford GT race, battling each other on a drag strip? Which one would you give an advantage when you first see such a dangerously looking vehicles like this 2006 Ford GT with a 4.0 Whipple supercharger and a induction system made by a Kurt Fabrication under the hood and E 85 24 psi tuned Evo? Pretty mind boggling isn`t it?

Many times the final results of a drag battle are pretty much as expected and sometimes they are not! Sometimes the most unexpected outcome is known to happen. So, a little advice, when watching a drag race, expect the unexpected folks. But, when we have seen the line up before the start of this drag battle, we really did not know what to expect. We learned our lesson all right. From now on, at a drag race, we will expect the unexpected. Anyhow, both vehicles have real monsters under the hood, but they are both very different and their performance abilities are also not alike at all. The road they are racing on looks very dangerous and bumpy though. That`s what makes this Ford GT race even more spectacular that it can be.

And of course, you have to take to an account that the way one acts during the race is also important and in this case, I think that was the deciding factor. If the Ford GT was keeping a straight line, the outcome would have probably been different than what it turned out to be. So we can say with clear conscious that we suspect the GT lost due to a driver`s error. But, watch this Ford GT race video and make your own opinion about the whole thing.

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