From time to time we like to take a break from drag races or RC vehicles, and instead share a video that will make you smile! What you are about to see will make you look out for your car! Everything starts with two guys having a chat. Suddenly, one of the guys notices that somebody drives his BMW M3! This model of BMW is quite powerful, so you definitely don`t want somebody to steal it! As soon as the guy notices that someone is driving his BMW M3, he starts running towards the car. Much to everyone`s surprise, instead of driving away, the unknown driver starts drifting with the car! We must admit that is some incredible drifting right there! This allows the owner of the BMW M3 to eventually catch up to the car, and to finally see who took his ride!

The driver gets out of the BMW M3, and everyone starts laughing! This happened because the “thief“ was an old lady! On one hand, the owner must have been happy that his got his ride back. On the other hand, he must have felt a bit embarrassed after seeing that an old woman managed to steal his car! Luckily, she returned it after doing some incredible drifting! Nonetheless, it was all done for fun, and we are certain the owner of the BMW M3 held no grudge against the old lady. We are just pleased that we found this funny video and that we are sharing it here so all of you can enjoy! We don`t know about you, but from now on, we will look out after our cars when there are older ladies nearby!

Check out this funny video with the GRANNY STEALS a guy’s BMW M3 and RUNS WITH BREATH-TAKING DRIFTS and DONUTS! ┬áHA HA lol

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