Imagine Your Grandpa Was Hiding Insane Car Collection Worth Over $15 Million!

This incredible tale about one insane car collection begins fifty years ago and it`s about an entrepreneur that goes by the name of Roger Baylin. He was a pretty wealthy businessman who dabbled in the transportation business. He fell in love with collecting the greatest pre-war cars on the planet. He restored all of them and because he had so many vehicles he decided to store them in a museum for everyone to bask upon. He started collecting all of these rare cars when he was at the prime of his success back in the 50s. At first he began restoring roadsters and showing them on high-class automobile shows.

Grandpa Was Hiding Insane Car Collection Worth Over $15 Million 2

His love for cars began to constantly grow from there. In the next couple of years, Baylin bought over 120 sought-after and extremely rare cars. Some of these vehicles even featured amazing histories and stories associated with them. In his insane car collection you can find a Talbot Lago T26 that has been previously owned by an Egyptian King! Elsewhere, you can find a Ferrari 250GT that was involved with many Hollywood movies with famous actors and actresses like Shirley MacLaine and Jane Fonda. Unfortunately, Rober Baylin`s business started falling apart.

Because of this, the entrepreneur had to sell many rare cars from his collection. This also stopped him from restoring the remaining cars. The cars that he didn`t sell were placed in various structures surrounding the farm. Unfortunately, his son did not share his father`s passion and let the remaining vehicles be forgotten by the world.

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