This Is What A MILLION DOLLAR GoldCar Looks Like!

We all love looking at new creations and watching others creations but the following video captures a goldcar which blends extravaganza and speed.

Million dollar GoldCar 2

This E46 BMW has something unique to offer and it is something nobody would expect it. It is called the million dollar gold car. We see the cars` owner being interviewed while talking about the car and all its specs as well as how and why it turned out to be a goldcar. He stated that he owned a work shop and this idea of having a gold car came up his mind and he decided to make one for himself. But do not let its name fool you. It is not a fully gold car; only some pipes and parts have been gold plated.

The front of body of the car is taken off and we can clearly see what is under the hood. It took fair amount of time to finish the whole built but it is totally worth it as it surely is a unique car to own. After the interview it is time to see this beast in action. The racers prepare on the drag track and the suspense builds up. Everyone is having their phones out filming the race. In just seconds both cars can be seen accelerating across the track and all of a sudden the gold car driver loses control. Luckily he manages to stay calm and nearly avoid crashing into the barrier. This is probably the most amazing save we have ever seen. Check the video for more!

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