The SOLUTION For Motorcycle Towing You’ve Been Looking For!

Sometimes, you just have to load your bike on the truck instead of riding it to your destination. Yes, it stinks, but from times to times we ought to do stuff we don`t like. On the other hand, we have seen a plethora of video clips all over the Internet of people simply ruining their vehicles during the, motorcycle towing, loading and offloading process.

Anyhow, today`s video features one invention that we hope will put an end to the loading and offloading shame. At least we can laugh till then. It seems pretty straightforward when you see it, but thank God someone had the brain to create it! It`s about a motorbike transporter that can be installed in the bed of your pick-up truck! This device holds your bike in place during the transportation process with no chance of dropping it. It is consisted of metal sheet that serves as a base where you can put your bike, and all elements that are supposed to hold your bike in place are mounted on it.

Next, this metal sheet is connected with a metal hand that does the motorcycle towing for you. Also, there are two wheels at the back of the metal sheet that make the whole process a lot smoother.

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