Get DIY Glittery Tyres With Black Magic Tire Color!

There are many extremely awesome and helpful products that we have previously reviewed, some of them you found useful, whereas some of them, according to you, were absolute trash. Hereby, it is time to a look at yet another such product, a product that guarantees to give your tires a new shine and make them look exceptional. We present you the black magic tire color. It first came out couple of years ago and if you want to get one, it is fairly inexpensive and you can purchase it for just around $20.

Get DIY Glittery Tyres With Black Magic Tire Color 2

Moreover, the guy in this video puts the test the actual product and sees whether it is really worth it or you can just get a normal tire shine for couple of dollars and throw in some glitter, and get the same result. The black magic tire color comes with a sponge to easily apply it on the actual tire. On the product it says that it is washable with just water and you do not have to worry about destroying your tire.

Later on in the video we see that the black magic tire color is actually difficult to apply it with the sponge and that you have to really spend most of the liquid in the inside to just fully coat one tire. You can do the same just with your normal tire shine and put different glitters as well.

What do you think, is this product actually worth it?