Get Acquainted with The MOST Modern Dodge Charger Out There!

Most of us, muscle cars fans, have some model of Dodge Charger in their list of favorite cars and today I`m going to present you with one of my favorite Chargers, a car that will truly make you keen for something like this. It is built and constructed on principles of being simple and clean, and yet aggressive and brutal (as a Charger should be) and by my humble opinion, the most powerful looking modern Dodge Charger I have ever seen. Therefore I felt that I could not just admire its beauty to myself and share it with you.

The car belongs to Alek and he started working on it a couple of years ago, when he felt like something really special is developing with him and Charger SRT8.  And why wouldn`t he develop this passionate relationship when there are not many other cars that are coming out of the assembly line looking this much cool!

Check the gallery below!

Alek's Charger

And the fact is that it is a small number of cars that are walking this path, especially when it comes to this platform -- 300 C, Charger, Magnum. As one of the main reasons why things are the way they are, I would emphasize the fact that most of the car manufacturers are trying to achieve power and functionality and words like `attitude` are not really in the first lines of their priorities.

Therefore, Alex did things his way. He decided to stick to Universal Air suspension with BC coils, along with a custom set of rear arms from Jay`s Hot Rods. The way he explains, biggest issues was when his axle boots were rubbing on the shock in the rear. And in order to gain the obliqueness he needed, he bought camber bushings, which on the other hand were causing the toe to move the axle closer to the shock. The problem was solved with usage of camber arms who besides fixing this problem, also gave the modern Dodge Charger better adjust ability.

When the time for choosing the right wheels had come, Alek decided for Avant Garde and in just a few weeks they have built him a set of F 130, with mirror bronze barrels and the thing known as “technica titanium” centers. 21 × 10.5   -13 at the front  and 21 × 12.5 – 23 at the rear, wrapped up in  255/30/21 & 295/25/21 Falken tires, and as you can see on the photos, the result is irresistible.
For the outdoor looks of the modern Dodge Charger, there were only few important changes, like the removal of the OEM SRT trunk spoiler, the addition to the front bumper of the Charger Daytona front lip and installment of the Flashtech RGB halos.

Interior is equipped with completely Billettechnology knobs, standard SRT shifter plate and an awesome looking T – Shifter. And of course there are some other ornaments like full red led swap on every interior light, red led lighted pointer kit and other small stuff.

And as you can see, I`m sure that you will agree that the final looks of Alek`s Dodge Charger is stunning. I myself have to admit that I have not seen such a beauty in a long time. Don`t you agree?

Anyway, if you are looking for some parts for your Charger, check  out this link!

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