The Funniest Loading Fails Compilation!

Need a laugh? Check out this amazing video with the funniest loading fails compilation. It’s hard to pick only one favorite from all of these situation, however the grey car that overturns from the red truck is my favorite.

The Funniest Loading Fails Compilation 2

I have never lost something from the flatbed yet but I have saw many situations in front of me while I was driving. I almost had an accident while I was having my motorbike attached on my flatbed. The guy in front of me cut off the road and hit the brakes with no reason, but everything was ok.

I don’t know if the people are not securing properly the cars, motorbikes or the other loads attached on their truck or it’s because of driver error but I have seen fails on the road.  I always stay really far away from trucks carrying vehicles and I’m pretty aware there are many bad moments in the towing industry. There are many situations in the video below and most of them are very funny, however the guy in the Jeep on the end of the video deserves a big beer…just saying!

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Loading fails

Posted by C-VP on Tuesday, May 23, 2017