How The Formula 1 Cockpit Is Made Around The Driver!

The building process of a Formula 1 car is true masterpiece as more than 16,000 pieces are included and there is no place for error while creating it! However, it is all about the driver who needs to be comfortable in the Formula 1 cockpit, so let`s have a few words about that, shall we? What we have here is a behind the scenes video including McLaren`s engineer of design that goes by the name of Bain Scott. He is the one who is in charge of everything that can and will come into contact with the driver sitting in the Formula 1 cockpit.

Formula 1 Cockpit Lewis Hamilton 2

So, when you hear that a driver is in for a “sit-fit”, what they actually do is sit into the mock up chassis and try it out. If the driver is not comfortable he cannot be as fast as you want him to be. Lewis Hamilton is trying out his cockpit in this video as the team will try to do anything he wants to make him feel right!

It might look like all it takes for a driver to perform well is having the best engine or brakes, but what will happen if simple things came out such as their elbows hitting something? We never think of that, do we? Then the driver will definitely not give 100% as he will be concentrating on other things. However, if this teased your curiosity, the video below has all the information you might be interested in!

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