Japan Tow Service For Improper Parking WRACKED the Car!

We have all learned our lesson for improperly parking at least once in our lifetime if not more! No matter if you just left your car for 5 minutes to run into the store or left it on purpose without paying, you will end up with a certain fine! Whether your car will be towed or you`ll have to pay immediately is unimportant since your pockets will be a little lighter anyway! However, the scene we saw on this video is definitely something that we will always remember and will be a motive for us never to park improperly again! A Ford Probe made this mistake in Okinawa, Japan! The Japan tow service came, but the way they did the towing was unexpected for us!

Instead of chaining up the car like it should be, the towing truck decided to do something different this time! The driver simply parked his truck SIDEWAYS which made the job of the Japan tow service difficult! But that didn`t make him quit! He picked up the vehicle as it got hit so many times by the time it was placed in the tray! Let this be a lesson for all, do not park improperly, especially not in Japan!

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