The Ford Performance Drift Stick Tested By Ken Block!

It seems that lately car manufacturing companies have a tendency to develop and produce some utterly awesome accessories for your car in order to keep you entertained as their client. Most of these inventions so far have been truly amazing, but this Ford drift stick is a game changer and everyone would love to get one as soon as possible. But what makes this specific drift stick so cool? Well, to begin with this is an electronically controlled rally handbrake that anyone can easily use.

Drift Stick Tested By Ken Block 2

Moreover, if you thought that only drift cars could install it, you were wrong! Anyone could purchase this piece of wonder developed by Ford Performance and install it in your daily drive. The price is also pretty affordable and you can get your own drift stick for just $999. But if you thought that this was it, you were wrong. There is one more thing that would make you fall in love with the drift stick even more. In this demonstrational video, none other than Ken Block gets the chance to test it out for the first time.

He goes on the closed course and has some great time. We see the exact way it works and what it does to your wheels. You can order your very own drift stick in early December. Even though the video is fairly short and we would love to see more, it is enough to prove its high quality and precision. What do you think, will you order one?

Lastly, for more information, visit the official website of Ford Performance.