Flame throwing vehicles are not a recent thing, but they always make people turn their heads. Or even better, to stand next to the vehicle and watch. It never gets boring. However, in this kind of situation there are divided opinions as well. But hey, that`s what makes the whole thing interesting. Some people install flame kit, while others prefer the pure engine power. It`s all a matter of taste. In this case, we have one American muscle icon that spits fire like a Muscle dragon – a beautiful Chevy Chevelle!

This car has installed flame kit but despite that, the flames are phenomenal! If you stand too close, you might burn your pants! The Muscle Dragon video below is maybe short, but it is definitely worth watching it over and over again. Not because of the flames only, but also the sound this old-school car creates. Believe us, it sends shivers down the spine! So it would be a good idea to increase the volume of your sound devices for maximum satisfaction! Finally, could you tell us what is your opinion on flame throwing kits?

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