Five Things Car Owners Should Have On Hand

Owning a car can be a gratifying experience, but it can also be slightly scary. Many different situations can occur while you are driving. There are a few items that you can have on hand that will prepare you for many issues that could arise while you are on the road. We have compiled a short list of items that you should always have on you as a car owner. These may be items that you would not usually think about, which is why we are providing you with our list of items for all the car owners. This will help you prepare for your first road trip!

Owner’s Manual

Every car comes with an owner’s manual. Many of us have never even looked at it, but what if you need it while on the road? The truth is, it may be one of the most essential items we have at our disposal.

The owner’s manual for your vehicle may also include a few pages about diagnostics. For example, if your engine light comes on, and you do not know why, the diagnostic pages of your manual may be of great use.


Another great asset to have on hand is the number to a car key locksmith. We have all been in the situation where we are searching for our keys only to find out that they are locked inside the car. Nothing induces panic quite like this situation, especially if you`re running late for work or stuck at a gas station.

By having the phone number available to call a locksmith, you can alleviate the stress of this potential situation.

First Aid Kit

Another critical item to carry with you is a portable first aid kit. This item may potentially save someone’s life if a crisis occurs. As we know, cars can be dangerous. If an accident does happen, and you need to wait for an ambulance, you may have a few tools that can assist while you wait.

The portable first aid kit you purchase should include a compass, cold compresses, a CPR mask, bandages, gauze, tape, and many other essential items.


Another great item to carry in your car is an item that can come in handy at any given time while driving. An excellent multi-tool can save the day if something happens to your vehicle. For example, if you are driving and a fuse blows, you can use the tool to pull out the old fuse and replace it with a new one.

Printed Maps

In the digital age of rapidly rising technology, one thing that we neglect to bring with us on road trips is a printed map of the area. Printed maps are ignored while traveling so much so that some people do not even know how to read them.

The reason printed maps are so essential is that we cannot always rely on our phones to guide the way. For example, you could run out of data or be in an area where there is no service. You could also lose battery power on your phone and not have access to maps services.

With these essential things in your car, you won`t have to worry about a thing, and you`ll be able to relax and enjoy driving.